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Rentyl Resorts vs. Hotels

Finding the perfect accommodations is essential to planning a memorable group or vacation getaway. Rather than comparing hotels, vacationers are wondering: should I stay in a hotel or curated resort residence?

At Rentyl Resorts, you don’t have to choose between a luxury hotel or a vacation home. You have the option to stay your way and get the best of both. If you want a beautiful hotel room, you can find it at a Rentyl Resort. If you want the space, privacy and security of a curated resort residence, with the personalized service and luxury amenities of a resort, you can find it at a Rentyl Resort.

Homes at Rentyl Resorts range from 2,000 to more than 7,000 sq. ft. Each curated resort residence features a distinctive design and beautifully appointed interiors. Kitchen, living, and dining areas blend seamlessly through large, open-plan interiors. Outside, a private backyard with a pool and hot tub beckon relaxation. Elite homes feature additional perks — from game rooms or home theaters to golf simulators, larger pools and backyards with expansive living and outdoor areas.

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At Rentyl Resorts, you can have the best of both worlds.

Your Needs Hotel / Traditional Resort Airbnb rentyl-new-logo
Living Room
Dining Room
Full Kitchen
Multiple Bedrooms
Gated Community
Private Driveway
Private Pool/Hot Tub
Free WiFi
Home Theater
Private Garage
Resort Pool/Hot Tub
24-Hour Service
Private Chef
Water Park
Event Space
Onsite Dining